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Sri Sakthi Amma is the founder of Sri Narayani Siddar Peedam and the creator of The Golden temple Sripuram in Vellore.
This divine child was born as a second child in family on 3rd January 1976 to Sri Nanda Gopal and Srimathi Jyothiamma.
Sri Narayani Foundation Malaysia is a non – profitable organization (under the guidance of Sri Sakthi Amma) striving towards community services.
At his young age, this divine child demonstrated profound interest only in spiritual life,participated blissfully in Pujas/Bhajans (religious ceremonies) and insisted on visiting places of worships on a daily basis.
Sri Narayani Foundation Malaysia has endured in providing leadership courses to members and children of the foundation to ensure the continuity of its legacy. In addition, the foundation aims to increase the membership of Sri Narayani Foundation, Malaysia to approximately 20,000 in the next five years.
The Poojas conducted at Sri Narayani Peedam are: * Ganga Pooja *Asuva Pooja *Tulasi and Surya Pooja * Narayani Haven *Mangala Narayani Pooja at Shanthi Mandapam *Gho Pooja *Full Moon Pooja * New Moon Pooja
Members diligently adhere to Amma’s teachings of providing service to mankind, to serve without discrimination and without enforcing authority onto others in serving Sri Narayani Foundation Malaysia. Besides that, members should be united in realizing the awareness to serve the mankind.
A hospital or an educational institution may only come to a benefit for the locals in that particular area. However, by building a temple that awakens one's wisdom, it equates in creating several thousands of hospital or educational institution worldwide. The inspired individual will now go back to their homeland and do good deeds for all.
Sri Narayani Foundation Malaysia was inaugurated by Sri Sakthi Amma on 18th July, 2009.
*Provides essentials needs to those who are in need *Provides basic monthly groceries to the selected families. *Provides school uniforms and other basic needs to needy children *Organizing sports and tele-match for kids from the shelter homes *Organizing blood donation campaigns *Visiting other temples and organizing talks and other programme by Amma’s devotees from various countries namely Australia, England and India.

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